Principal Stratification Tool

Identify the Principal Strata for Your Study

Please fill in the following information needed to estimate bounds for principal causes effects

1. What are the post-randomization actions / behaviors that are of interest in your study?

The first step is to identify the post-randomization activities that you want to examine for this study. These are behaviors and actions that might be possible for study participants under both assignment to the treatment condition and under assignment to the control condition. In the Miratrix et al. 2016 study of Early College High schools, researchers focused on enrollment in different types of high schools; students could enroll at an Early College High schools, high-quality public schools or low-quality public schools.

This tool is designed to support the calculation of bounds for principal causal effects for two, three or four conditions defined by post-randomization activities or behaviors. Please indicate the number of post-randomization actions / behaviors for which you wish to estimate bounds in this study.